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WGBH Lab : Big Ideas for the Small Screen

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Open Call

Stonewall Open Call  (1:34)


In 1969, homosexuality was illegal in almost every state....but that was about to change. In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969 a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City erupted into six days of violent protests and street demonstra... More >
Lab Specials

Found in America  (8:47)

Scott Patterson

Orphaned shopping lists, missing pet notices, and other discarded objects find their voice in a new magazine. Scott Patterson’s "Found in America" travels with Davy Rothbart who created Found Magazine to uncover the unexpected beauty and pathos invoked by found objects. • Comment on This Video • Watch Other Lab Specials Producer Biography: Scott Patterson, Producer www.poi... More >
Open Call

War Games  (3:23)

Heather Arment | Seattle, WA

Open Call Finalists
Several months ago I was sifting through some old family slides when I came across an image of me (age 3) sheepishly hiding behind my two older brothers. What stood out to me in an otherwise stereotypical family photo was that all three of us had play pistols strapped to our tiny prepubescent waists. "War" was as American to us a baseball and apple pie. This quirky, animated narrative explores ... More >
Open Call

Bi-Racial Hair  (4:56)

Lisa Russell | Brooklyn, NY

"Slit my wrists, my blood does not excrete in black and white" prophesizes 13-year old Zora in her poem entitled "Bi-Racial Hair" which was performed live in front of 1500 of her peers and adult allies at the Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam. My proposed short film of the same title, is a satirical look at the racial tension young African American's experience who are of mixed ethnic backgrounds... More >
Open Call

Becoming Johanna  (3:02)

Jonathan Skurnik

A short film about a transgender teenager struggling to be true to herself. More >

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Open Call

Stonewall Open Call (1:34)

Gay rights in 2011. Make a video and win $1000
Lab Specials

Found in America (8:47)

Scott Patterson
War GamesOpen Call

War Games (3:23)

Heather Arment
Open Call

Bi-Racial Hair (4:56)

Lisa Russell
Open Call

Becoming Johanna (3:02)

AMX Stonewall Open Call winner !
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