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Emmy Award

The WGBH Lab invites you to help shape the future of public media.

Consider this an opening, a chance to share your fresh ideas as the next generation of independent and public media makers. Following the footsteps of WGBH's New Television Workshop, which brought video to life in an age of film, the WGBH Lab is a creative incubator. We encourage emerging talent, aided by the latest technology, to lead us into new ways of making and interacting with content. What remains the same is WGBH's commitment to substance, quality, and independent voices.

The engine of the Lab is innovation. In an age where any screen—your TV, your computer, your cell phone or PDA—is part of the media experience, we seek to develop content for these new "small screens." Pitch your story to Open Call, and take it from concept to completion. Don't have a camera? Sift through the Sand Box, loaded with rights-free archival footage, and see what happens when you mash it up. If you're ready to take your indie work to a new level, apply for a year as a Filmmaker in Residence.

The WGBH Lab stands at the intersection of broadband and broadcast. The creative results of the Lab may appear on WGBH TV, and, as our partnerships expand, more broadly on PBS.

By paving the way for original and diverse voices, the WGBH Lab helps define the role of public media in our new media democracy.

Welcome to your public media.

The WGBH Lab is an innovation of WGBH’s Boston Media Productions, a leader in local news, public affairs, arts, and bi-cultural productions.

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